Welcome to the new incarnation of the Wilcis web page. For anyone that may remember the previous versions of this site, there was mention of how much we loved to use open source software and nothing has changed in that regard over time. We really believe in open source software and the model that goes with it. We've been using some form of open source software since before version 1.0 of of the Linux kernel, and since the 2.2.8 version of FreeBSD. That translates to more than 20 years! Why? Because it works. Open source applications have proven themselves over and over during this time. Imagine trying to be a sysadmin without OpenSSH or a developer without Python or Perl. All open source projects that have changed the world

While viewing this page, realize that every bit of it has been created utilizing open source software. This doesn't mean just the webserver itself, but all of the tools used to create the page, as well as manage it

Please take some time to read through some of the blog entries found below or in our archives. Hopefully you will find them both interesting and useful in some manner.

Once again --- Welcome

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