Off We Go!

Happy 4th to everyone in the USA! Another year has passed us by and here we are in the midst of summer with the appropriate 90+ degree F weather that comes with it.

This seemed like the perfect day to kick off this new site and new post. New beginnings for the US were set forth on paper and signed today and thus it is with web sites and blogs.

In the past I was working with a much more complex system leveraging Plone, but my Plone site broke a couple years ago as I was too busy to keep it updated as I should have. The version leap was large, not to mention the supporting library issues. All the data was locked in my Zope DB and became lost. I’m pretty certain that I may have been able to get it out if I put the time in, but really didn’t have the time to do so.

I have completely switched gears and decided to run with a static site this time. I’m currently fully engaged with functional programming and have been so for a few years, mostly living in the Clojure world and getting my feet wet with regards to the mindset that is required there. I have always wanted to put time into learning Haskell however and this seemed like the perfect time to make the jump. I created this page using a package called Hakyll and have just begun to get into the configuration etc. So far its been really challenging and a lot of fun. I’m sure I’ll be posting things I learn as I move forward in this world and become more savvy in Haskell, at least that is my hope at this point.

Again Happy 4th!

Until the next blog, don’t talk about it…

Shut up and Hack!